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Why Drapery Should Be Your Next Window Treatment Purchase

Drapery is often the red-headed stepchild of window treatments. Where curtains, shutters, and blinds are easy to understand, we often get asked: What's the difference between curtains and drapery? Can I combine drapes with blinds? Come to think of it, what does drapery even really mean?

A white couch by a wooden table with beautiful drapes in the windows near Concord, California (CA)

The truth is that drapes are pretty similar to curtains in style and function. The only major difference is that drapes are more often lined with thicker, room-darkening material - although, with the rise of blackout curtains and sheer drapes, even that line is getting blurred.

At Blind Corners, we have answers to all your questions and more. If you have been considering upgrading your window treatments, swing by the shop to explore the options available. We sell and install Hunter Douglas window fashions, so regardless of the room that you are trying to decorate, we've got you covered! Our drapery is beautiful, offers great light control, and protects your interiors like never before.


One of our favorite drapery options is the Luminette® Sheer Panels. They are gorgeous, and the fabrics are luxurious and high quality, making for the ideal window decoration for your home. Plus, with Blind Corners, you can get a coordinated look with our Whole House Solution, which can help create a cohesive look throughout your house.

Our experts can help bring this to life for you. With the Accents by the Yard feature available with this drapery, you can also get the fabrics made into accessories for your home. With exclusive fabrics from The Alustra® Collection, your home will look better than ever.

Light Control

Hunter Douglas Luminette® Sheer Panels are ideal if you are looking for a window covering that will give your home amazing light control. Because the fabric vanes rotate, you can have precise light control.

Having a window covering that allows your home to be brightly lit while also offering privacy is a necessity. We love naturally lit homes because they bring happiness and comfort into an interior. If this interests you, give us a call, and we can make it a reality for you.


Another perk of adding our Hunter Douglas Luminette® Sheer Panels to your home is that they provide the protection you may not even know you need. Adding drapery to your windows can protect your flooring, furniture, and artwork from fading.

Your belongings are valuable and can be hard to replace, so adding shades to your windows is essential to be that UV ray protective barrier for your home. This buffer between your interiors and the sun will definitely end up paying off in the long run. Plus, when you add that you will have the privacy that you have been longing for, the protection aspect gets that much better.

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Let Blind Corners help you elevate your space. Your home should be your personal oasis, and we can help that become a reality. Luminette® Sheer Panels are a great option for your window treatment needs because they are gorgeous, offer ideal light control, and can make your home much safer and more secure. Contact Us today to set up a free consultation with us to help you on your window treatment journey. We proudly serve Roseville, Sacramento County, and El Dorado Hills, CA.