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Top UV-Blocking Shades for Homes

Even as we transition into autumn, protection from UV rays is still an important factor to consider when shopping for your latest shade. In fact, prolonged sun exposure can damage your home’s interiors, including flooring, upholstery, artwork, and more. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas offers a variety of custom window treatments that will protect your home against damaging UV rays all year long. Read on to discover our top UV-blocking shades for homes, including Designer Screen Shades and Silhouette® Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas.

Top UV-blocking shades for homes near El Dorado Hills, California (CA), including wide windows.

Silhouette® Window Shadings

Known as the leader in light transformation, our Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings are one of our top UV-blocking shades for homes. With vanes that adjust effortlessly, these custom shadings let you achieve your ideal levels of light and shade when you need them most. Another benefit of these custom sheers is that they offer sunlight and privacy at the same time. Carefully designed, these sheers obscure the outside world from looking into your home without taking away your views.

As with any Hunter Douglas window treatment, you have a variety of customization options with Silhouette® Window Shadings. For example, depending on the type of fabric you can select, these shades can filter up to 88 percent of UV rays. This will allow soft lighting to fill your home without any worry of damage. These are just a few examples of why Silhouette® Window Shadings are some of the best UV-blocking shades or homes.

Designer Screen Shades

Of course, if you have wide expanses of glass, finding a window treatment that looks great and blocks out harmful UV rays can be tricky. That is why another one of the best UV-blocking shades for homes with sliding glass doors, wide windows, and more is Designer Screen Shades. These custom shades maintain your outside views while blocking harsh UV rays. Designer Screen Shades also offer one of the most robust fabrics in the industry, which means they will look gorgeous years after you hang them up. Blocking between 86 percent and 99 percent of damaging UV rays, Designer Screen Shades are one of the best UV-blocking shades for homes.

In addition to blocking harmful UV rays, Designer Screen Shades also offer several opacity options. Since the fabrics of these shades are organized by an openness factor, or how dense the weave of the fabric is, you can achieve your perfect levels of light, shade, and privacy.


No matter the time of year, protecting your home from harmful UV rays is essential to prolonging the interiors of your home. To learn more about our top UV-blocking shades for homes, be sure to contact or visit us today at Blind Corners.

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