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Open Up Any Space with Custom Sheers

No matter how small a space seems at first, the right window treatment can make it feel open and inviting. Even if you’re dealing with a cramped room that doesn’t receive a lot of natural sunlight, light, minimalistic window treatments can help bring lighter into the space and create the illusion of depth. Custom sheers and lightweight shades are perfect for this tricky situation. Sheers offer not only visual interest and gentle movement, but bright fabrics catch more incoming sunlight and help to softly diffuse it into a room. Sheers are also minimalistic enough that they won’t overpower your existing interior décor, giving you ample flexibility without compromising on benefits like UV protection, privacy, and sometimes even temperature control. At Blind Corners, our years of experience as window treatment dealers means we know a great product when we see it. This month on the blog, we’re taking a closer look at a few of our lightweight window treatments and why they should be at the top of your list if you’re tasked with decorating a small room.

Open up any Space with Custom Sheers, Shades, Popular Window Treatments near Roseville, California (CA)

Pirouette® Window Shadings

These premium Hunter Douglas shades consist of curved, front-facing fabric vanes suspended on a single sheer backing. This unique combination creates a visually stunning window covering that offers adjustable lighting without ever compromising your sense of privacy. Pirouette® moves gracefully as it opens and closes for a fluid, graceful appearance that’s sure to add a dynamic touch to your space. Movement is another valuable design principle that helps a space appear more complex and visually interesting. Pirouette® filters light for a soft glow while protecting your furniture from UV damage. For maximum lighting, we recommend choosing bright, neutral colored fabric vanes, like Raw Canvas, Reflection, or even Calatrava.

Pair your Pirouette® shades with the sleek and innovative PowerView® Automation. Transform your shades into smart technology that you can control from anywhere in your home with the PowerView® smartphone app. Program schedules for your shades to follow even when you’re not home, keeping your cool and protected from extended heat exposure while you’re away.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

For added energy efficiency while still enjoying the appeal of custom sheers, we recommend Duette® Honeycomb Shades in semi-opaque colors like Taj and Linen. The unique honeycomb-shaped cell traps air within the shade to better insulate your home, reducing the strain on your central heating and cooling and saving you money in the long run. Choose from a variety of pleat sizes, textures, and operating systems. Enjoy the same great PowerView® Automation technology that lets you control your shades with the sound of your voice. Or, for a low-tech alternative, we suggest the LiteRise® operating system that gives you the power to position your shades by gentle tugging down or pushing up on the bottom of your window treatment.

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