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Custom Shades for a Great Night’s Sleep

Custom shades for a great night’s sleep, featuring Roman shades, cellular shades near Roseville, California (CA)

When you’re searching for a new window treatment, you want one that not only fits the aesthetic you’ve crafted but gives you the quality you deserve. The bedroom is one of the spaces where the features of a window treatment become most noticeable. When you’re tossing and turning during the night, fighting for that sweet spot where the streetlight doesn’t cast a glare across your pillow, you know it doesn’t matter how great your windows look during the day if they’re making your life more difficult. At Blind Corners, we value the intersection of beauty and functionality, which is why we carry an array of Hunter Douglas window treatments to meet your needs. Custom shades are one of the best options for bedrooms because of their wide range of light control as well as unparalleled blackout features. Let’s look closer at some of our favorite custom shades for any bedroom.

Duette® Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Duette® features a unique honeycomb cell structure that’s designed to look visually interesting while trapping air within the layers of shades. This works to regulate the ambient temperature in your home, keeping air from flowing freely through your windows that would otherwise result inefficient heating and cooling. Duette Architella® is the newest iteration of this popular technology that boasts improved energy efficiency thanks to the honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design. The LightLock™ system utilizes the sides of your window frame to better seal out unwanted light, which is great for keeping streetlights out of your bedroom at night. With LightLock™ you can enjoy blackout-quality shades even if you choose a lighter fabric color. Not only does Duette® keep out light, but it also helps suppress sound. Duette® absorbs up to 70% of sound energy, making for secure, comfortable bedroom. Choose from one of the largest selections of fabrics in the industry with a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Duette® makes it easy to customize your bedroom and set the tone. Your bedroom doesn’t need a complete overhaul when adding custom shades can work as a statement piece.

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Enjoy the signature folds of Roman shades and modern functionality with the Vignette® style. These Roman shades come in an array of colors and textures, including silks, linens, tweeds, and natural weaves. Vignette® features luxurious fabrics from the Alustra® Collection, which brings the designer, curated feel to your bedroom. You also have the option of choosing different full fold of flat fold styles, as well as a stacking style option perfect for a shallow mounting depth. No matter how many times you raise and lower your shades, they’ll always retain their original shape; and just because they’re a minimalistic, single panel, doesn’t mean they won’t appear full and expertly crafted. Vignette® custom shades pair with Duolite® technology that brings unbeatable darkness to your bedroom. Duolite® consists of a second, independently operated shade designer to reflect incoming light. This option is also another great option for shallow mounting depths because Duolite® doesn’t add bulk to your windows. Turn any Roman shades into blackout shades regardless of the pattern or color Vignette® shade you choose. During the day, you can raise your Duolite® secondary shade for more natural light filtering, opening up your bedroom and making it just as dynamic as the rest of your home. During the nights, you’ll enjoy peaceful darkness.

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